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Bettr is a digital banking platform for the next generation.

bullet No Monthly Account Fees
bullet No Bricks 'n Mortar Branches
bullet One View Of All Your Money
bullet Collaborative, Open And Transparent
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Alpha phase is limited to 10,000 users

Free app & card


Flexible pricing


Tight security


Best service

More features for more control

Plan Bettr.
Spend Bettr.

Now you know how much you can spend on a daily, weekly and monthly basis at a single glance. Your budget adapts automatically, meaning you know your worth anywhere, anytime.

Bettr Budgeting Tool

Transact Anywhere
Online or in Store.

Sign up and receive your free Bettr card. It gives you instant access to online shopping and services. It works locally and overseas. Use it to deposit funds with over 1000 partners. Draw money with your Bettr card from 10 000 ATMs across the country.

Bettr Bank Card

Bettr works great
with friends.

Free friend-to-friend transactions. Split a bill for that pizza last Friday, or make a group payment for that up 'n coming road trip! Also available on Messenger and Slack.

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Bettr Bank Send Money
​Bettr Bank Bot

Meet Bettr Bot

Bettr Bot is always there to help you with the daily hustle. Bettr Bot does the things you can’t (or don’t want to) do - from pickup's and deliveries, to finding a cheap flight ticket or a car that suits the budget. Leave the negotiating up to the Bot.

​Bettr Bank Chat Bot

A complete financial marketplace

Your Bettr account gives you access to the best financial products at the best possible price, with less admin and more transparency. Bettr securely saves all your financial information, which means no more paperwork and lunchtime missions. Just tap and apply to get a loan, insurance product or medical aid, instantly.

Bettr Bank Loans



Bettr Bank Insurance



Bettr Bank Investing



Bettr Bank Medical Aid

Medical aid


More services sorted and ready for you
Account Control & Security

Manage your own account from the Bettr app. Adjust your spending limits and block and unblock your card in case it gets lost.

Simple Debit Payments

Full debit order services available for all your monthly expenses. We'll move your debit orders for you and notify your service providers of your new account.

Transactions in a Tap

Send and receive money with friends. Buy your airtime, data and electricity right from within the app. Deposit and withdraw money from retail partners.

24-hour Support Anywhere

Reach out to us through any channel whenever you need us for anything. 24/7.

Financial Statements Sorted

Bettr gives you weekly and financial spending reports and statements to use for all other purposes, like proving your affordability or address.

Insurance Protection

Every Bettr customer is insured against fraud, identity theft and liquidity up to the value of R 1,000,000.

We are Bettr

We’re a fintech company with the vision to financially empower those who know their worth. How? By providing tech and tools that improve the way you bank, save, borrow, insure and invest your money. If you believe you deserve better than the traditional financial system, join us in the future. Where finance is more transparent, flexible, responsible and meaningful.

Frequently asked questions
  • Q: What is Bettr exactly?
    A: Bettr is a new alternative banking service for everyday transactional use. We offer a low cost account and app powered by a debit card. It works like a bank, but with additional features and benefits. Bettr is not a fully licensed bank, meaning we do not lend out your deposits. We make use of a sponsoring bank to keep your money safe.
  • Q: What are the requirements to join Bettr?
    A: You need to be 18 years or older and have a valid South African identity document (driver's license, green ID Book or card or passport) that you can scan with your phone when signing up. You also need a mobile smartphone to install and use our app. We support Apple (IOS 8+) and Android (Jelly Bean v4.4 +). We only ask for proof of address if you need to deposit amounts greater than R 25 000.
  • Q: What are the fees for Bettr?
    A: We are trying to make our service as affordable as possible. Some fees and charges are out of our control at this point. For example, retailers have admin costs to accept your cash deposits. Also, we use partner ATMs for cash withdrawals, these traditional infrastructure services cost money to maintain. Whilst in ALPHA testing, we are working with our community of testers to come up with a pricing strategy that will work best for you. This will be published soon.
  • Q: How can I use my Bettr account?
    A: Bettr can be used as your new primary account where you can have your salary deposited. Alternatively, you can use Bettr as a secondary account and card with the benefit of tracking your spending, finding savings and managing all your other accounts in one place. The Bettr card works online, in-store and with most of today’s on-demand services like Uber, and Netflix. No branch activations for online shopping mean instant benefits with Bettr.
  • Q: What makes Bettr different from other banking services?
    A: Good question. We believe in developing a truly unique experience around our customers. We are creating a platform with the ecosystem in mind, allowing other financial services and commerce businesses to list and offer their products to you on your terms. This way, you get a fair transparent view of all available products ranging from better personal loans and insurance quotes, to goods and services. Full control is given to you to make the most informed financial planning and spending decisions.
  • Q: When will Bettr officially launch?
    A: We do not want to spill the beans quite yet. Right now, we are in private ALPHA testing mode, developing and improving the user and customer support experience 1000 users at a time. We want to be brilliant at delivering the most unique digital financial service to you, this requires some time. You can help us by signing up to become an early tester.