A collective of people who champion change. Together with our community, we’re co-creating the financial future we want to live in. We’re a founder-funded, angel-backed virtual bank in the making. Every day we empower people to unlock their potential.

A photo of Tobie van Zyl

Tobie van Zyl

Chief Exponential Officer

A photo of Andrzej Stempowski

Andrzej Stempowski

Chief Technology Officer

A photo of Ryan Brüssow

Ryan Brüssow

Chief Digital Officer

A photo of Herman Coetzee

Herman Coetzee

Software Engineer

A photo of Jamie Thurstan Wyngaard

Jamie Thurstan Wyngaard

Chief Community Officer

A photo of Tristan Brandt

Tristan Brandt

New Media Marketer

A photo of Robert Leusink

Robert Leusink

Finance and Operations

A photo of Sergio Marais

Sergio Marais

Finance and Operations

A photo of Marco De Sousa

Marco De Sousa

Head of Design

A photo of Terri De Sousa

Terri De Sousa

Creative Director

A photo of Marcin Jekot

Marcin Jekot

Software Engineer